Frequently Asked Questions:

Whether you are already a Gallery Bride or considering The Gallery for your big day, here are The Gallery’s guidelines to assist you in planning your wedding. In this document, you will find most of the answers to your questions regarding wedding & event planning at The Gallery. It is our hope that knowing and understanding our Policies & Procedures, what is expected, and or acceptable will help you host a seamless & fabulous event with us.

The Gallery’s FAQ’s, Policies & Procedures and responsibilities are as follows:

How many guests can The Gallery accommodate?

Maximum capacity is 300. Guest counts exceeding 300 will need special approval.

Do you provide guest parking and is there a charge?

Our guest parking is complimentary and can accommodate up to 110 cars. This equates to approximately 300 guests.

What spaces are included in the rental of The Gallery?

The Gallery hosts one event per day; therefore the entire space is at your disposal. Including the bride and groom suites for on-site wedding ceremonies, all outdoor patio areas, as well as the first floor ballroom, the upstairs bar area, and the overflow room.

How many guests can be seated in the first floor ballroom?

We recommend no more than 18 – 60” round tables with seating for 8 - 10 guests each. This allows space for a dance floor, cake table, DJ table, and buffet setup.

How many guests can be seated in the second floor bar area and overflow room?

We recommend no more than 9 – 60” round tables with seating for 8 - 10 guests each. An additional 6 - 60” round tables with seating for 8 - 10 guests each may be placed in the overflow room.

What is The Gallery’s capacity for outdoor receptions & events?

The large first floor patio will accommodate 14 – 60” round tables around the fountain, 8 – 60” round tables on the small first floor patio, and 6 – 60” round tables on the upstairs patio. Tables may be arranged both indoors and outdoors if desired.

What is the seating capacity for an outdoor ceremony on the large first floor patio?

300 – White wooden garden chairs will be used for your ceremony seating.

What is the seating capacity for an outdoor ceremony on the small first floor patio?

120 – White wooden garden chairs will be used for your ceremony seating.

Is The Gallery handicap accessible?

Yes, the first floor of The Gallery is handicap accessible; we have a handicap ramp located next to the handicap parking area. All restrooms are also handicap accessible. The Gallery does not have an elevator to the second floor.

Does The Gallery provide Security?

Each event shall require Police monitoring during the hours of the event. Two Police Officers will be present for all events.

For ALL events two Police Officers shall be present throughout the event. The cost of security will be billed to Client at the current rate for Police Details of $40.00 per hour for each officer.

How much time is allotted to setup for our event?

You will have three hours immediately prior to your event for setup. This includes access to the bride and groom suites, as well as the ceremony and reception space, bar area and the catering kitchen.

Brides & Grooms have access to both suites 3 hours prior to their event for dressing, etc.

Snacks and alcohol may be brought into the suites during the 3-hour getting ready period. Please contain food and drinks to the table; no eating, drinking or applying makeup on the sofa. Once the event begins all alcohol must run through the bar. No alcohol may be brought in or out of the suites after this time.

Once dinner begins, both suites will be locked for the protection of your personal items. If entrance is needed, please see the Venue Manager or one of the police officers and they will be happy to let you in.

The suites are for the groom and his groomsmen only, the bridal suite is for the bride and her bridesmaids only. NO children or guests are allowed in either suite. If children are part of your wedding party, they must arrive dressed and ready to go.

The Bridal Suite is a gift to you so please treat it with respect. Please do not move the furniture or take it outside of the suite. Please leave the room in the condition it was found in.

Damage or excessive cleaning required will result in a $250 cleaning fee; this applies to both suites.

Children attending the wedding are expected to be supervised and watched by their parents or a baby-sitting service at all times. The upstairs overflow room may be used for the children’s space.

If children are unsupervised their parents will be asked to leave.

How are The Gallery Floor Plans handled?

A Gallery floor plan, inventory list of tables and chairs available, as well as a Wedding Vendor form will be emailed to you by The Gallery thirty (30) days prior to your event. It is your, or your planner's responsibility to draft and submit the floor plan, as well as the completed Wedding Vendor form thirty days (30) prior to the event. A final draft of the floor plan is due fourteen (14) business days prior to the event.

Bride & Guest Parking:

The Wedding party may park in the front and guests are to park in the back-guest parking lot.

Vendor Parking:

Vendors may park in the Handicap area only to unload; please do so as quickly as possible so other vendors may do the same. Once unloaded please move all vehicles to the back-parking lot. All employees of the vendors are to park in the back-parking lot as well.

Setup & Teardown:

Vendors may be on site 3 hours prior to the event for setup, and may return 1 hour immediately post-event for pickup and teardown.

Additional setup and or, teardown time may be purchased at $100 per hour and must be paid 14 days prior to event.

Vendors must be completely set up with their area cleaned up, equipment bags, etc., stored and be appropriately attired thirty (30) mins prior to the event.

How much time is allotted to tear down after our event and what am I responsible for?

You will have one hour for tear down immediately following your event. You are only responsible for taking any personal belongings, and or any decorative items that you may have brought. All items brought/provided by vendors, must be removed during the one hour tear down time allotted.

What will The Gallery staff take care of before, during, and after my event?


The Gallery staff will setup all tables and chairs for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception according to the floor plan provided. The Gallery will also accept deliveries of rental items during your setup time.


A Gallery Venue Manager will be present during your event to oversee the venue only; the Venue Manager is not responsible for cleaning or clearing/busing tables, guarding or moving gifts or any other personal items. These are the responsibilities of your planner and vendors.


The Gallery staff will tear down all tables and chairs, as well as handle all cleanup and ballroom trash removal. Your caterer is responsible for busing tables during the event, bagging all trash and disposing of it in the dumpster in the back-parking lot.

Is a rehearsal time included for my ceremony?

Yes, a one hour rehearsal is included in the ceremony fee. Rehearsals are scheduled the Thursday before your event. Rehearsal times are from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm or from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Time slots are on a first - come first - served basis. Please keep within the one hour time allotted. Additionally, your planner/ coordinator or officiant are responsible for directing your rehearsal, not The Gallery.

In the event of inclement weather what is the backup plan for outdoor ceremonies?

For groups of 100 or less the upstairs overflow room may be used for your ceremony. For groups exceeding 100, the downstairs ballroom is a lovely alternative for your ceremony. We recommend using the brick wall in front of the mirror as your ceremony site.

Music & Entertainment:

Bands and DJ’s are welcome at The Gallery. As with all vendors they may arrive 3 hours prior and teardown is 1 hour post event. Additionally, they must bring all equipment, tools, etc. that they may need. All wiring must be taped down neatly, using Gaffers tape.

Does The Gallery have a sound system that we may use?

No, DJs and bands provide their own equipment, speakers, microphones, etc.

May I use a catering company that is not on The Gallery’s Preferred Vendor list?

Yes; Approved, licensed and insured catering companies are welcome at The Gallery, as long as they provide the required documentation 90 days prior to your event.

What is required from my vendors, caterer and beverage/bar service?

Your caterer must provide a copy of their license and insurance 90 days prior to your event. All alcohol is provided and served by The Gallery’s in-house bar service Café Natalie. Café Natalie is also a longtime Preferred Catering vendor of The Gallery’s, so be sure to discuss your catering needs with them as well.

Caterers who are not on The Gallery’s Preferred Vendor list must be approved by The Gallery’s management. You or your planner are responsible for ensuring the caterer has been approved and license and insurance are on file with The Gallery.

It is expressly agreed that The Gallery shall not be liable for loss or damage resulting from the actions or inactions of any outside caterer or vendor.

All Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) laws must be followed while on the premises. If Client plans to serve alcoholic beverages at its event then all alcoholic beverages must be supplied and served by The Gallery’s exclusive bar service provider Café Natalie (281.513.0156, or pursuant to the terms of a written agreement entered between Client and Café Natalie.

Client is solely responsible for contacting and entering into a contract with Café Natalie if alcoholic beverage service is desired. They are also a Preferred Caterer of The Gallery’s so you can discuss your catering needs with them as well.

You or your planner are responsible for informing the caterer that they are responsible for busing tables and bagging all trash during the event, as well as disposing of it in our waste dumpster in the back-parking lot. If the caterer doesn’t provide this service, you or your planner are responsible for hiring an outside wait staff to take care of these needs. The Gallery staff does not bus tables or bag food/catering trash.

It is the job of the planner to remove all gifts and cards from the sign in table and place them accordingly in a safe place, such as inside the bridal suite or someone’s car.

The Gallery is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

The Gallery does not provide ladders, lighters, linens, scissors, tape or equipment of any kind.

Are tables and chairs included in my rental of The Gallery?

Yes; The Gallery provides the tables and chairs for your cocktail hour, and reception, cake table, sweetheart or head table, DJ table, gift & sign in table, and buffet tables for up to 300 guests. Provided you sign the Table & Chair Addendum to the contract.

Are linens, dishware, glassware, flatware or any decor included in my rental?

No, these items are not provided by The Gallery, but through our Preferred Vendors, or your vendor.

May we add additional time to our event?

Yes; the cost for each additional hour is $750 and is payable upon request. Approval of additional time is subject to the availability of The Gallery’s staff and police officers.

May we use real candles indoors & outdoors?

Yes, you may use real candles indoors & outdoors.

May we use sparklers for our exit?

Yes, you may use sparklers for your exit as long as you provide a bucket of water and a bucket of sand to douse the hot sparklers in.

May we use The Gallery to take our Bridal Portraits?

Yes, you are welcome to use The Gallery for your Bridal Portraits at no additional charge. Please contact us to schedule your shoot.

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